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dilapidated - I
A heart rotting from the inside out;
Bruises and scrapes and incisions -
Maggots gnawing away at me (white speckles
And I can see my white bones), I'm begging
And crying for them to stop even though
I know I'll be cleansed like a soul in
Heaven's fire (slobbering and sobbing like
The pathetic mongrel I am), clutching at fraying
Scraps of me, drifting petals in the wind
And rippling the river.
I sit in a viscous cerise lake, ankle-deep.
The pool keeps encroaching on the starless
Shores, and the night is thick with
The scent of blood. When I close my salt-
Crusted lids I can see the aurora I dream
Of, can taste the boreal winds caressing
My tear-stained cheeks, promising it
Won't be long now.
What have I done?
Did I deserve this?
(But deep inside I know, the voice whispering;
Wraiths from ancient wells rising and
Cloaking me in chilled mossy prophecies)
But nobody can save me now.
I am so so so scared, peering into the dark
Like the answers are folded within creases
Of shadows. Bu
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 1 2
Silver light upon the sea
Sharp as scales, they slit the
Morning sun open -
Like a yolk it bleeds, ichor
Spilled thoughtlessly;
Smearing the fish belly white
Morning with a splatter of life.
Golden light upon the sea
Warm as palms, they stroke the
Turbulent blue -
Like a cat it purrs, star-chilled waves
Licking shores;
Tabby pelt flecked with shell white
And the gulls sing once more.
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 53 11
The sillage of a late June day,
Afloat in the stillness -
A broken grandfather clock with
Echoing chimes still gathering
From the clefts of this house.
This house worn yellow with memories.
We learn to molt out of our old shells,
Learn to forget the disturbances we leave
In the golden motes that were once part of us,
Same as the memories that moulded our bones.
We angled those bright-eyed smiles to
That rainbow-dotted sky together, do you remember?
100+ balloons escaping small fingers, 1
Blinding sun -
Moment in time, everlasting.
But even we aren't evergreen, despite
What we try to believe. We learn to
Acquiesce with the gravity, having heads
Pulled out of clouds, still wet and wondering.
We learn that there's nothing sidereal about the space
Encapsulated in a classroom, where I
Can still see scuff marks on the floor
Broken ceilings
Chalked boards
Black shoes worn threadbare
16 degree air with my own shadow
Until you shouted through the window saying
Something I can't remember but
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whisper (of the heart)
She does not wear concealer.
Other girls clad in black, faces
Dusted white like porcelain,
Cherry-lip plastered countenances.
She thinks they looked more beautiful
With(in and out); now she cannot see
Them behind their masks, all angled
Towards her, owl-like and silent.
She prefers to keep her dark semi-circles,
Far sides of the moon. War trophies of
Witching hours where she did not cave in to
The back-breaking calls of sons of wolves, summoning
Her to come home, lifting off from
The 17th floor.
She does not know how to smile
(For the lightning-flash, almost a
Galaxy-worth of stars falling before
Her foggy-pane eyes, too dazzling and
She forgets how to breathe, too).
She hates her own dog-breath and
How she regurgitates fresh-killed prose,
A limp hare on the dew-laden grass,
Blood staining the soil black.
She picks apart her spilled guts,
Unimpressed by their bland pink,
The very color she detests.
She hates the too-loud sound of her
Paws slapping wet cement, she wants
That feli
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Even the anonymous, the faceless
Sketched on the corners of your
Story have families, have people
Who love them. They might not have
Your well-outlined laugh or
Eyes that hold flecks of stars or
Murmuring words bubbled out between breaths,
But they have people
Who love them. People who'd hold
Funerals for them and weep
(Flora blossoming in their empty chests,
Yellow chrysanthemums for sorrow
Red poppies for peaceful slumber
White roses for remembrance
Marigolds to light their way home)
Why did you believe no one loved you
Enough to miss you?
But when you spin around and flash
That saccharine smile, my gaze does not
Meet yours across the flurry of sakura
Petal showers, I cannot see you and the
Air is sickly sweet, and I am gagging,
Dry-heaving half-drafted apologies and
I'm so sorry I could not remember
The flower we saw that day.
Tell me again?
Even if I'm just another passerby
In your plotline, dear protagonist,
Yours sincerely.
I'm so sorry I could not remember
The details of your co
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a valentine's poem
Love and I are strangers.
Storge, Philia, Eros and Agape -
Sisters of the same name;
I've shaken hands with them and
Smiled, saying let's meet again
When I don't mean it at all.
I don't.
Will dedicate this one to you instead.
Someone I (maybe) loved until you
Looked me in the soul and I remembered
We're strangers too.
Am one day late, but you won't mind,
Will you? Since there's been 300+
In between and you're accelerating away,
And I know you won't come swinging back
Like Pluto will, even if it takes 200+
Asked me to write you a poem and
I keep on error pouring 0s & 1s onto
Paper after the deadline, atomic error clock
Heartbeat -errorerror - - -404 - -
Are on the platform and I on the train,
Hurling into landscapes yet to be
Created, a wor(l)d lodged in my throat,
Tears dripping in reverse.
Am not like those girls who
Paint poetry or shape songs or
Mirror movements or fall-in-love with fuckboys.
Just want to go home, where t
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 3 0
I am a lost boy from Neverland
I move forward, cold and bare(footed)
Like running water
Flowing over the lichen-carpeted
Moors (with fog hung over her,
A moonlit shawl)
I am a white rabbit, wide-eyed
And silent so the
Owl with his cotton wings
Will never descend upon me
(That snowy reaper, claws sharp
As scythes, I'll welcome him
In one day I promise)
Maybe a was an ugly duckling, midflight
I feel the frozen breeze brush
Her soft fingers across my gray
Cheeks, ruffling my black locks.
My monochrome eyes reflect a
Snapshot of skies, the clouds
Blinding me (the Sun is asleep in
The monochrome, embedded in the
Pearly nest, a robin egg)
But that was for only a sliver of
Eternity, over by the time the light ends.
I am just still-life, captured
In hard corners above the mantelpiece,
Next to my jar of ashen hearts.
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 7 0
The sound of diamond
Shattering --
I suppose that's how stars
Die out.
A wolf grin under sheep's skin,
Green glare glowing, an augury
Of things yet to come, cloaked in
A taste of quixotic dreams
On the cusp of February, flowers
Blooming in reverse, eyes open wide
But not seeing. Like those fish lined
On ice, mouths agape, frozen
(Snapshot in time).
When I listen through the stethoscope
On my chest, all I hear is
Muted (underwater)
Everything seems to be playing in
Slow-motion, even the air is sluggish
And viscous, clinging to me like ghosts.
(When are they going to let go?)
Bruises that take weeks to fade -
Something with the shade of ripened fruit.
Turquoise to puce, rippling out
Like a nebula, finally dispersing into
(The bells are really loud today.
It's a church. Maybe a wedding--
Or a funeral.)
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 2 0
A censer smoldering, the
Faintest perfume of something,
Lingering on the tip of tongues yet
Have quietly escaped pinpointing.
She had her ablution last night,
Pale skin almost aglow with rose water.
Clad in the purest of whites, she was
Almost ethereal in the church lights,
Filtered and faded through drooping
Colored glass. As though the dead-water
Air had weighed them down through the
Centuries, soft sighs falling deaf
On mortals who've passed by, passed on.
Doves nested in the bell's shadow,
Peals long muted by wind and rain.
Father looks at her and smiles, wistful.
Her eyes were blue as the sky, winter-esque,
But nevermore would they shimmer like freshly
Fallen snow.
Innocence was never meant to last,
But maybe hers could, preserved in the
Liquid amber of memory.
This will be the last time he'll walk beside her.
If only she'd been old enough to learn
How to love.
Waiting at the altar was a silhouetted figure,
Clad in the purest of onyx.
Shrouded and silent, a face veiled
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 1 0
Atsushi Nakajima by Ripplingwaves Atsushi Nakajima :iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 5 0
The lights are on
To stay
Through my mind)
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 2 4
sunset in reverse
I am Pangea, made
To fall apart. I stopped
Trying to hold myself together
Because what's the point?
It was never meant to last, but
We always realize it once we're
Past the point of no return.
I am held down by the sky
With a finite loneliness;
Even submerged in the brackish
Water of this ancient well
(That seems to extend miles below
The crust into the lukewarm white
Core of the swollen planet) I can still
Blink through the grit of my
Red-washed eyes, dark shadows
Hung up neatly below them to
Dry, just to see your fleeting
Smile burned into my lids once
There's a solid emptiness in the
Shape of you somewhere, lingering like
The negative space between winter
Boughs and branches, antlers of the
Earth (a weighty crown of cartilage),
And the fallen leaves listen.
I delight in hearing the crunch beneath
My soles, something that might be an
Echo of your bones crackling in the flames.
That heat against your coffin, blazing like
The late-summer sun from when we used
To laugh without a
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 2 0
When she was a seed, she
Struggled to find a foothold
Among the slippery river mud,
Murky water veiling her eyes and
She longed to breathe in the
Sun-laden air.
So up she reached, learning how
Not to drown. She paid no heed to
The sneers of gray carp, jeering at
Her dreams to become something different.
"You belong in the dark like us. The
Sky will forever be beyond your reach.
Give up while you can,"
But she nourished her dream and it
Grew as a pearl does, a crystallization
Of pain. She would not let the blackness
Taint her soul, even though she was born
From it. She was aglow from the inside, and
She grew her own colors from shadow.
Finally the day came.
In the wreaths of morning mist she emerged
Into the light. Blindingly white, she could
Hear her pulse thundering like a waterfall's
For the first time she saw her full,
Pink lips. For the first time felt something
Other than heavy silt pooled at her feet. She unfurled
Her emerald leaves, basking in warmth.
Warmth that brough
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 2 0
between the devil and the deep blue sea
Plunging, roiling gray above -
A veil drawn across the
Heavens' grief, and heathens
Chant fervently to the
A quickening pulse.
Tantalizingly close was
Salvation (Wait a little
Longer, it'll be over soon
An arc of polarizing blue
Snaps blindly through;
The clouds can feel that
They're on fire inside,
Flames threatening to
Burn them alive and the
Only thing that can save
Them is the very water
They're built of.
Riotous winds pick up
Forgetting to let go.
Immersed in her mind, she places a
Clammy palm on her cheek; these days
She feels like cumulonimbus,
Dense and sculpted by invisible
Fingers (a griping choke-hold,
But she's used to bruising and
Will only stare back with empty contempt -
As if mocking you, spitting
Is that the best you can do?)
Counting the shadows, her body thrums in harmony
With skysong. She no longer thinks she's drowning
When she is part of the ocean. Her father,
His hairline receding like the tide,
His wrinkles still as
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 9 3
It's been 3.5 months and
I confess I'm already starting
To forget -
The way your hands moved, the
Joints of your slender fingers,
The tone of your skin
(I stare at photographs to
Remember, hoping to burn the
Images into the back of my eyes
And mind, so I'd carry you with
Me always).
I'd try to imagine what you'd do
If you sat right next to me now.
Maybe half a smirk, brush back those
Stray strands from your face, pulling
Out your phone and...
But I'm scared I didn't know you well
Enough to have the right to imagine what
You'd say.
I know I'll never get your words right,
Those soaked in the night-long melancholy
Of your eclipse.
I've known you for nearly a decade but
Still I feel like a stranger. And I'm
Losing you everyday, everyday my cells
Live and multiply and die but you,
What are you now?
Your life made me feel like the times
When the vacation was over and I'm
Down beside a half-unpacked suitcase
And wondering was it ever real at all
And by god, that went by fast.
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 2 2
There are nights when the wolves are silent
And only the moon howls.
Light upon water, the hum:
Millennia worth of memories
Carved into stone. Shadows
Dance to wind-wrung hymns,
Straggling pines clutching on
To the bare breast of their
Mountainside, shrapnel of
Her war against winter storms
Lining fresh wounds. She is a
Fierce unforgiving mother, and
You'll have to fight to earn her
Love if you want to survive.
Man never conquered these crests;
A pyrrhic feat at most. But the
Days wear on, sun blotting out
Clouds, and the ice-clad heart
Sends tremors through veins of
Marble and gold.
Man was never meant to set foot on
These paths. Those with cloven prints
And breath tinged with frost were the only
Ones who had the birthright to the slopes.
Proud princes battled over fiefdoms, echoes
Not of swords but of horns clashing,
A war between the secular and spiritual.
These lands also belong to those armed
with claws, teeth sharp enough to bite
Back at northern flurries. They tread
Quietly, a hereditary skill passed on
:iconripplingwaves:Ripplingwaves 5 2


Morning Light by redmatilda Morning Light :iconredmatilda:redmatilda 7 2 The Daily Magnet #365!!!!! by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #365!!!!! :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 228 116 childhood days (3) TCK by ChandraKanthTalari childhood days (3) TCK :iconchandrakanthtalari:ChandraKanthTalari 1 0
sky: the gatekeeper to these miracles
the sky is rattling, trembling
there have been a trail
of thunderstorms
in the last week.
it's been a tumultuous week.
the sky is loud. and bold.
angry, sad, beautiful, grey,
bright, innocent.
she towers and i watch.
i watch and i watch
until she is done.
drenched from the liquid salvo,
i sit in the rain,
the weight of wind and water
lessening until
the darkness 
begins to clear.
extraordinary transformations,
a plentiful plethora of expression
lie within the miracle of you;
your miraculous view.
you, my angel sky,
are gorgeous to me
in every way,
from every angle imaginable.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 13 4
i am alpha and omega
She stands up, dizzy and drunk.  Wonders when her heels came unstrapped, and grips the glass she's got in her hand tighter than she holds her rosary on sleepless nights.  Her vision hazy, she trips over her own twisted ankles trying to stand up and pulls the bottom hem of her dress down because her mother taught her two things: One, a lady never shows her ass in public.  Two, a lady only drinks the strongest of whiskeys.  That was before she had skipped town to pal around with her new boyfriend that had pockets deeper than Lake Baikal, if you know what I'm saying.
The silence is heavy as she slowly makes her way out of whatever hallway she had found herself in, stepping over someone else's body that's marinated in liquor for only god knows how long.  It takes an effort not to tumble down the stairs in her shit-faced state, and she barely makes it out alive.  There's a door.  Opens it.  There's a city outside cast in the glow of a purple sunrise,
:icona-lovely-anxiety:A-Lovely-Anxiety 49 25
this is me giving you up
somewhere in my heart you came in like a hurricane
shoving everything that stood in your path to the side and i let you because
maybe my friends were just clogging my arteries and
maybe the things i wanted were just going to badden my blood.
the fire that was within you burned holes into my skin
you were the heat atop the flames that made my vision lack tension and i was
blinded--your hands were so much bigger than mine
you embodied a giant and you crushed me like i was a weed
i should have been scared at the fact that you were over a foot taller than me but
someone told me that if you stare a tiger down
they will submit to you
unfortunately, you did not submit to me, but i gave way of my own control and threw caution to the wind
i think of you as analogies in my mind because when i see things
they remind me of you or the way you used to hold me
i see stones sitting in the creek behind my best friend's house and think of your eyes and
i sing songs that never applied to me as much as th
:icona-lovely-anxiety:A-Lovely-Anxiety 56 20
And There Was Light
He was seventeen when he died.
I never went to the funeral
but I walked past it the day of
the service.  His mother
was in the backseat of a blue Dodge,
door open, head in her hands.
"My baby," she kept repeating.
"My baby."  It would go from sobbing, to
screaming, to a soft whisper that
I could only hear being carried
on the wind.
It was a Wednesday afternoon that they found
his old red pickup truck parked
out front of Slim's, two beer bottles in
the back and the windows cracked to let the stale
air out.
I heard that his dad told the police he was
gonna take that old truck and fix it up, because
he had promised his son before—
because it's always in the before—
he died.
And in the after, his mother never had dry eyes
and I'm pretty sure my mom told me
that she saw his dad at the bar every night,
drinking his sorrows down because some people can't
handle the stress.
Some people can't figure out why their son would
kill himself.
"Some men just want to w
:icona-lovely-anxiety:A-Lovely-Anxiety 97 49
My younger brother Theo reached deep into the water and came up laughing with his hands covered in muck and weeds. We were shin-deep in the pond hidden back behind the farmhouse, the silt beginning to settle between our toes, leaving remnants of mud under our nails and caking our heels. It was the summer before Theo’s first year of elementary school, when we started living out in the country. I didn’t know why at the time, knew later that Daddy was avoiding the people who knew us in the city. Mama was long gone by then. Daddy told Theo she was out looking for a place for all of us out west; he didn’t give an excuse like that to me. But it didn’t seem to matter too much, then. Out here, in this rented house and field caged in by a thick line of cedar trees, he’d let us loose and not worry about what we might get into, disappear into town after saying that today was the day he’d make it big, he could feel it in his bones.
“Don’t go too much
:iconawholelotofflowers:awholelotofflowers 2 3
Five is the number of times you worry he’s stopped breathing, as the surgeons carve around his heart, twisting away the plaque ridden arteries, and pulling a vein out of his leg. Five is the number of heart wrenching hours you and your family were waiting in the hospital room, worried that your lives would crumble, that there would be five members of the family instead of six, that five days out of the week he would not come home for dinner, that five kisses from him would no longer be given to his wife and four children. Five was the amount of fingernails you bit off while watching people enter and exit the waiting room, and the amount of minutes your mother spent on the phone, explaining that something was wrong. Five is the critical difference between holding a father’s hand as your mother cries into his heart shaped pillow. The difference between rejoicing and smiling weakly because he’s okay or carrying your father’s American-flag-covered-casket and watchin
:iconsaevuswinds:saevuswinds 168 87
good morning
you're too young for those thoughts-
she massaged her temples
and straightened up to grab a white cigarette box
while sticking out tongue at the warning message:
the world begged to differ,

she muttered and sighed through burning nicotine,
through fire that devoured death-wand's initial white. 
:iconalessiah:Alessiah 15 12
i want to meet you
if ocean waves could take me to you
i'd become one billion grains of sand
in hopes that maybe just a piece of me will reach
the shoreline that you walk on
:iconangelserum:angelserum 60 25
The Past by DestinyBlue The Past :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 2,806 81 Can't Let Go by DestinyBlue Can't Let Go :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 5,374 171 - mindfuck - by kemiyukishi
Mature content
- mindfuck - :iconkemiyukishi:kemiyukishi 31 0
LOL WUT Pear by ryky LOL WUT Pear :iconryky:ryky 3,249 232 The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulav The Biting Pear of Salamanca :iconursulav:ursulav 20,998 5,055



922 deviations
A heart rotting from the inside out;
Bruises and scrapes and incisions -
Maggots gnawing away at me (white speckles
And I can see my white bones), I'm begging
And crying for them to stop even though
I know I'll be cleansed like a soul in
Heaven's fire (slobbering and sobbing like
The pathetic mongrel I am), clutching at fraying
Scraps of me, drifting petals in the wind
And rippling the river.

I sit in a viscous cerise lake, ankle-deep.
The pool keeps encroaching on the starless
Shores, and the night is thick with
The scent of blood. When I close my salt-
Crusted lids I can see the aurora I dream
Of, can taste the boreal winds caressing
My tear-stained cheeks, promising it
Won't be long now.

What have I done?
Did I deserve this?
(But deep inside I know, the voice whispering;
Wraiths from ancient wells rising and
Cloaking me in chilled mossy prophecies)

But nobody can save me now.

I am so so so scared, peering into the dark
Like the answers are folded within creases
Of shadows. But a flicker of light beckons,
And I fight against the gravity of a thousand
Suns, leaning into the grasping tendrils
Of hope.
74 deviations
i) The wraith of a sun floats
Above the horizon, phosphenes 
In the eyes of god(s). Astral lights
Exhale; the dawn zephyr reaches 
Down from the new-born heavens
(Reincarnated every morning)
And kisses the soil, and you shrouded
In your bud decides to unfurl - 
Breathing to synodic rhythms. 

ii) Perhaps you were the rose the
Nightingale decided to pierce it's throat
On, all for the sake of love.
You were a romantic, an idealist, a
Dreamer. The world would turn slower
For you when you believed; fireflies 
Flitting in the shadowy spaces between your 
Fingers, and we'd watch the night turn
Robin-blue as the moonlight bathed you
In a halo. You were a goddess with nebulae
In your wake, but in your own reflection
You only saw incandescence that hurt your
Retina, and you shied away. 

iii) We are all born with fire in our 
Lungs and stars in our eyes; yet
Senescence is woven into our bones
And subject to entropy's ceaseless 
Current, the same way the corners
Of the pelagic expanse swallows
Our footprints, murmuring ancient
Hymns from the deep, as old as Time,
Yet ephemeral as tides. 

iv) Perhaps you were the rose the
Prince fell madly for, but you didn't need
A prince, just someone to treat you like
A princess. You lived together in a small
Hiding-place within the woods, your
Own planet, a tryst that could fit in the palms
Of your hands. But you cut yourself on 
Your thorns, and you wondered whether
The wounds would fester and poison you
From the inside out. 
(You were afraid of falling, you were afraid
Of rotting from the inside out.)

v) You were a bairn of mornings,
Your petals soaked with the spectrum 
Of the arching skies. We are inborn
Nephologists, with a curiosity that
Overflows the boundaries of the backyard,
Finding universes in the minutiae. But
Nothing gold can stay, and your gold
Beckoned to dragons. You found monsters
Not under your bed, but making a den in 
Your head. 

vi) Efflorescent. You'd drift into a sloom,
Boreal cirrus your nest. I don't know
How many nights you cried yourself to 
Sleep, not wanting to see the day you
Wilt, the sepia-tinged memories encroaching
Like rust, and you can't run from the
Shadows cast by your own light. 

vii) Remember the story I told you about 
Icarus? Maybe then did you decide 
Gravity was your ally and you mused about
What your eulogies would be like. But
All I saw were your rose-colored atmospheres;
I couldn't see your desinences behind your
Radiant smiles. You wandered alone in the
Wilderness of your mind, beaten by 
Roaring waves that threatened to swallow
You alive, the brine blinding you. 

viii) Perhaps you were the rose that thought
She was negligible, only one of millions of 
Those cold specks of light, too far away
To mean anything anymore. You told me 
The worst things in life come free to us,
You whispered if you love me let me go,
So from cloud 9 you decided to plummet
As a shooting star - 
The seconds froze as you shed your final
Layers in a supernova, and like a phoenix
You blinked out into naught but ashes.

ix) That's when your pulse flickered
And faded
(It's too cold outside
For angels to fly,
For angels to die). 

x) And now I'm left alone by myself
Watching cerulean light diffusing from the
Witching hours, wondering why couldn't
I've talked you down. I don't know how
To save a life, so this posthumous
Cenotaph falls only on deaf ears
(Can you hear me?
You don't gain a single thing from misery)
I wish I could've been the lighthouse
To guide you home from the dark
Waters, to tell you that it doesn't matter
If you lost your crown to shipwrecks,
Because you can always be king again.

In my eyes you were euthanized by
Your own hands, the same hands
That let ink flow across paper like

In my eyes you smile, your breath
Drifting into the ripened harvest moon
Like a flock of birds, using the stars
As their guide.

In my eyes you are sempiternal, 
In the way you lived and laughed and
Loved, and I am blessed to have been
Able to stand in your radiance, albeit
Only for a fleeting moment, but 
I'm grateful for our little infinity.

Thank you.

May lights guide you wherever you wander.

for an eccedentesiastO diaphanous dawn;
The stars birth cerulean li(ght/fe),
Sun rises, carpe diem.


Ripplingwaves's Profile Picture
Hong Kong
If I could catch the falling stars
I'd place them in a glassed jar
Sing them lullabies of paper cranes
Painted by luminous nebulae,
And hand them to you, with your
Gaze igniting comets drifted ashore.


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